Friday, 13 August 2010

Finally another post!

What a busy Summer this has turned out to be! Working full time to save up some pennies has meant that the majority of the good weather passed me by with very few clicks resounding from my D40 shutter :(

It was last weekend when I finally found an excuse for some photography when I managed to zip off to Rutland water en route to a friends wedding in Loughborough. For anyone unaware of this gem, it is a lovely part of the world to wander around. When I was young and lived in the area, my parents used to take me for walks and pottering around picking up fossils from the beaches.

This time I was there for birds though. In terms of variety, the selection was very similar to the LWC - Ringed plovers, Lapwings, a selection of waders. Some new faces for me as well though - notably the appearance of a few little egrets. The number of terns was the most striking feature - Many were flying over the lakes hunting for the many young scattered over the islands. Here are a few of my better shots from a very brief spell before heading off to see my friend get hitched!

And now for something completely different. Staying in Husbourne Crawley for the past few weeks, the night sky has been wonderfully free of light pollution. Standing with our necks tilted right back, some friends and I saw a whole host of shooting stars and satellites crossing the nights sky. Photographically, I couldn't resist the challenge of some nighttime photography. Though the prize of a decent meteor pic eluded me all the way until my battery died, I have popped the photo below up to recover some sense of pride - In the bottom left hand corner is a very small little trail of one of the meteors that teased me by darting just out of my frame.