Monday, 11 June 2012


Bees are important. Fact. Its completely irrefutable. 

For one thing. Each and every bee is alive and buzzing, and quite frankly, they should have the right to keep doing so!

Lets be realistic though, the bottom line is this isnt how humanity as a whole tends to think. Lets instead arrive at the same conclusion, but wave **MONEY** around instead. Friends of the Earth quote the statistic that it would cost £1.8 BILLION to pollinate crops without bees. So they are important right?!

Anyone who reads this blog more regularly will now perhaps be thinking, "another bee post? has will gone bee crazy?!" Well yes, I rather think I have. But this post is not about my photography, or any of my other daily gripes. This post is to help YOU get in touch with your local bees because they need YOUR help. 

Bees are in trouble, but there are loads of ways that we can all get together and make things better. We just need to spread awareness and take some small steps in as many little places as possible. Plant a flower, sign a petition, all these little bee sized actions will add up and could make a big swarm sized difference. So below are some links to help you on your journey of bee-scovery

Click, read and take what action you see fit. But please, help our bees :D

All images © William Bermingham 2012

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