Saturday, 13 March 2010

So, having settled down in London Town, I have started getting out and about with my camera again. I figure, if I actually make a blog of it, I will have some drive to get out and snapping more! The majority of my pics will come from the London Wetland Centre - a great oasis of nature in the sprawling city - having got membership for my birthday from Linds :D

To kick things off - this little pic was from last weekend - the sun was shining and small patchy clouds meant that the light was fairly un-interupted. Having found my settings (~iso 400 1/1000 f7) I wandered the hides looking for some good subjects. The best event of the day was just before I left - my battery was running low and I had clocked up a lot of photos already. Just as I was about to pack up, a herring gull dived and picked up a fish from the lake - My shutter started work! As soon as the other gulls realised what had happened, he was pestered relentlessly - finally dropping the fish and heading off in discontent.

This left the fish to the smaller black headed gulls, with another tussle following. After all this, the final blow was sudden - having been dropped again, the fish was scooped up my a determined crow. He new his business - grabbing the fish and then getting away from the gulls as fast as possible. Game over.

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