Wednesday, 31 March 2010

An Interlude

So, after I laid out my vision of regular photo outings, the weather, work and all things life have conspired against me escaping to the wetland centre. So, to fill the time, I have picked out a couple more pics from my last couple of visits which I think are worth their salt.

Ahhh! enough with the seaguls and the fish! Okok, but i thought this one was good too.

This was taken in early March when the temperature was still quite low one morning. Teals are beautiful ducks to photograph, and with the blue of the lake and the thin layer of ice, this chap looks especially handsome.

Last one for now: Recently, I have had a real fascination with water in my photography. I love the seemingly random forms it makes and the ripples that inevitable result. Combine this recent fancy with the ever entertaining activity of ducks feeding = great fun.

All images copyright William Bermingham 2010

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