Sunday, 18 April 2010

What a way to break up revision :)

With the sun shinning and no wind at all, I couldn't resist breaking the monotony of revision with a trip to the Wetland Centre :) It's a strange thing this volcanic ash situation - and you don't appreciate it until you go somewhere like the wetland centre - but with all planes grounded, the world seems unusually tranquil. No vapour trails to slice up the clear blue sky either!

Even bright and early the birds we making the most of the sunny weather, and i made the most of their activity clicking away with my camera! Here are some highlights:

A Summer visitor to Britain - this was the first Wheatear I have ever snapped and indeed seen! Hopping around by the wader scrape, I was just quick enough to capture him as he flitted across the water and out of sight.

Next is one of my favourites. There is something about the diminutive figure of little grebes that never fails to make me happy - maybe its their powderpuff tail, or the way they swim with such determination across the vast lake, but they are a pleasure to watch whatever! To make things even better, I was privileged to watch a pair choose their spot (just to the bottom left of the WWF hide) and set about nest building.

From one small bird to another - I spied this wren hoping about on a fence nr the wader scrape hide. Lovely spots of brown and a little perky tail :)

And finally for now, I had a very lucky 20 minutes as a heron came in close and personal to the hide i was in and began hunting in the smooth waters of the lake. Normally a serious and extremely elegant bird, I couldnt help but chuckle as the heron would begin to bend his neck over at ridiculous angles as he closed in on the elusive fish.

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