Thursday, 15 April 2010

15th April '10

The day the ash blanketed Britain!

Despite various exams coming up, I could resist the sun no longer and head down to the WW Centre bright and breezy for opening at 930. Dodging the congregating prams, I wandered the hides, especially enjoying the sight of the many sand martins which have appeared since my last trip.

Despite the sun, in the hides the hides were very cold, with the prevailing wind blowing straight in through the windows. Cold fingers mixed with a fairly short time at the centre meant photo time was short, but here are some brief highlights :)

A mixed blessing - Im not sure how, but sitting in the WWF hide, I somehow managed to react fast enough to capture this shot as a crow suddenly shot accross my vision harrassing a sparrowhawk. Over in a flash, I snapped two frames - Mercifully I caught them, but oh what i wouldnt give for the focus to be crisper!!

Generally, this morning was a morning for sleeping, at least as far as the ducks (mostly teals, shovelers and tufted ducks, but i spied a pochard too) were concerned. During a rare flurry of activity, I caught this tufted duck having a stretch.

And finally, some geese :)

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