Wednesday, 23 May 2012


The weather is London is WONDERFUL. 

Hot sun, cooling breeze and clear skies for a few days has been a huge uplift in the mood of the population. The parks are full, BBQs lit and revision is firmly on hold for a couple of afternoon hours!

So with this backdrop of summery goodness, I thought it would be an opportune time for a blog post about BEES.

Bees are brilliant. Buzzing about from flower to flower, they are the the herralds of spring and summer. These first two are a couple I snapped today at the London Wetland Centre :)

The LWC is a great place for photographing these fluffy chaps. Their flower beds draw in bees and bugs from all around and the variety of flowers gives the photographer some lovely variation.

Being very much an amateur at this photography business, Ive always found my bee photographs are more down to luck than anything else. The one below is one of my favorites. With a slightly slower shutter speed, I somehow manged to catch a bee in vertical takeoff from this wonderfully vibrant purple flowers.

And finally, these were some of my first bee pictures. Proboscises deployed, for me, these images capture the anticipation of a tasty nectar treat!


REMEMBER: Our bees are in trouble. If you can, a bee friendly garden is a great way to support our pollinating friends!

All Images © William Bermingham 2012

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