Monday, 21 May 2012

New Zealand: The best of the rest

Ergh. Revision. What a dreadful necessity! Whilst I am tied to my desk, I thought I would just fill up some blog meterage with some of the remaining highlights from my Christmas in NZ. Most of what will follow were shot near the Otago Peninsula (below, thank you Google maps!) or on the West coast in the fjords :)

No text today bar these few lines... Happy browsing!

(All images © Will Bermingham 2012)

Kingfisher: Halcyon sancta

Welcome Swallow: Hirundo tahitica

Cape Pigeon: Daption capense

Black Petrel: Procellaria parkinsoni

Royal Spoonbill: Platalea regia

South Island Takahe: Porphyrio mantelli

Fantail: Rhipidura fuliginosa


  1. Whats the little mouse thing Will? Or is it much larger? As always beautiful photos :)

    1. It is indeed a mouse! They are a real problem in NZ. This one tried to get into our camper!

  2. Some nice shots there Will, although I'm afraid the Takahe is just a humble Pukeko.